Friday, June 11, 2010

Backpacking May 2010

After taking our gun class, Veda, Pat and I went backpacking on the Mogollon Rim.  We hiked the Cabin Loop Trail which started right at the top of the rim.  The trail is 17 miles and we took 4 days to hike it.   We found the trailhead with no problem, but as soon as we started hiking, we accidentally took an old jeep trail and got off our Loop trail within the first mile.

  I had my GPS with me and we finally found the original trail after a 3 mile cross country hike, up and down watersheds... ugh.     So, on our first day we only went 1.5 miles on the trail.  The rest of the hike was a little harder than we were anticipating because we had to make up for lost time.     The hike was beautiful and there was lots of creeks and springs all along the way.

 We passed several places where the snow hadn't melted yet, but the weather was actually very nice and warm.  It was breezy the whole time, but stayed in the 70s and 80s.   It got chilly at night, but still very pleasant.  

On the second day, we saw some elk which was nice since we hadn't seen any wildlife until then.. not even squirrels and not even many birds.   Hmm... maybe we made too much noise...

I wore the wrong shoes so by the 3rd day, I was hurting pretty bad.   The water in the creek where we spent that night was wonderful.  This was our favorite camping spot.  

We had such a nice time hiking.   We had lunch in Pine before we headed home.   Pat had to leave the next day,  but Veda stayed another week and did some visiting with friends and even quilted her tree quilt that she had started 2 years ago.    I'm so glad my friends got to come visit again!

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Veda said...

Oh yes. We DID have fun, didn't we!!