Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Doc is earning his keep

Doc treed a cat a couple of weeks ago.   The poor cat stayed in the tree most of the day.  Doc would get tired of barking and go take a nap for awhile but the cat was too scared to try to come down and pretty soon Doc would be back again barking his fool head off.    Every hair on the cat was sticking straight out... poor cat.   It did eventually get down and run away, but we haven't seen a cat around here since then..  

Easter 2010

Mom had Easter dinner at her house this year.   It was a fun family get-together.   She had yummy fried chicken.. her specialty.   We had an Easter egg hunt, but Shayla was the only kid there so she got to find the eggs all by herself.   I think we hid 25 eggs or so.  She eventually found them all, but I think it would have been more fun for her if it was a little more competitive.   Here are a few pictures of the day: