Saturday, April 25, 2009

Take a Look...

I found a video that I that was pretty cool and I want to share it. Because we don't get too much British television in this country, I'd never heard of the show called Britain's Got Talent. It is just like the American version of the show, but obviously, it's about Britain. I've never really liked the American version mostly because I thought the judges were terrible. But, the British judges were interesting. Here... Watch for yourself.

It's about 7 minutes long so watch the whole thing. I think you'll enjoy it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Horseback Riding Weekend

This weekend we went to George's house and the kids got to ride horses. They all had a great time and got REALLY dirty. They rode, played with the duck, climbed in the hay loft, fed the horses and generally had a good time. After the horse back riding we went over to a field away from the ranches and shot guns for the afternoon then went back to George's house and had a BBQ. It was a long but enjoyable day. And I got really sunburned!

Savannah, Jacob and Jocelynn riding horses.
Damian being a cowboy. He wasn't very good at it because his legs got too tired trying to hold him on the horse. It's alot different riding bareback.
Ginnifer showing how it's done.
And showing us how to fall off without getting hurt, too.
This was the baby, born only 1 week ago. So cute and tiny.
Ginnifer's kids got a kick out of the goose. They eventually were able to get close enough to pet it, but I don't think it liked being touched too much. At least it didn't try to bite them.
Alan shooting.
Kathy shooting.
Jacob shooting. He was the only one of the kids that was interested. The rest of them were busy playing with the cow bones they found.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pay It Forward

I have joined up to Pay It Forward.

This concept is like the movie called Pay It Forward with Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment in it. The 12 year old boy has a school assignment and he comes up with the PIF concept. PIF is where acts of kindness are done without expecting anything in return, just passing it on, hoping that the recipients will do the same and pay it forward, like a never ending chain of kindness. How to proceed? I will make and send a handmade gift for the first 3 friends who post a comment to this post, requesting to join this exchange, and promising to pay it forward to 3 other persons, etc.... I don't know what my 3 gifts will be, but I can promise I will send them within the next 365 days. What YOU have to do in return then, is "Pay It Forward" by making the same announcement and promise on YOUR blog.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Here is the drawing of my Double Wedding Ring Quilt.

Cool.. eh?

My next quilt

I'm very excited about the quilt that I'm starting....even though I'm not finished with the last one I started a couple of weeks ago. I just got some fabric so I can finish that one so now I'll just have to decide which one I want to work on next. Anyway, the new one that I've started is a double wedding ring. It's an old traditional pattern but not the easiest thing to make because every seam is a curve. This is a picture of a traditional double wedding ring quilt..... however.... This is NOT what my quilt will look like... that's why I'm so excited about it. It will be turquoise, orange, purple and black... Woohoo!! I will put a picture of my design up that I drew in my Electric Quilt program, soon. I'm only going to make it wall hanging size because I don't need a bed sized quilt. This is gonna be fun!