Monday, February 23, 2009

Plaid Quilt

This is the quilt I've been working on lately and I finished it today. A friend gave me most of the blocks about 8 years ago because she made a quilt just like it and I quilted it for her in exchange for all of her left over blocks. I like the finished quilt but putting it together was no picnic because all of the blocks are on the bias and they're all made of very light weight plaid fabrics that ravel easily. I did a feathered border and I think that came out pretty good, too.

The only reason I worked on it is because it was an unfinished project that one of my small groups decided I should finish. I had to be done by the March meeting, so I'm right on schedule. Ok.. maybe I'm about 8 years late, but at least it's DONE!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Fort

Damian had the kids this weekend and on Saturday he decided he needed to do a project with the kids. It was a nice warm day outside so they decided to build a fort. He built it between two of the posts that were already there in Alan's arbor but he built it on the outside of the yard so it wouldn't be in the grass. It was a good idea and when it's all done I'm sure the kids are going to have a great time in it. He's talking about building another one just like this and putting a rope bridge between them. He's got lots of ideas so I hope he stays motivated to do more with it... it needs a roof, at least.

Savannah can't stand to NOT jump.

It's about 10' by 8'.
The ladder will be changed so it doesn't have to be in the grass.... Probably just a wooden ladder going up the side. He was even talking about making a trap door so they can get into it from underneath.
I just liked this picture..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Damian's Flowers

For Valentine's Day, Damian made a bouquet of flowers for Ginnifer. He doesn't have much money until he's able to find another job so his expenses had to be minimal. He used copper pipe left over from some air conditioning jobs he had and cut each petal out of it and hammered it flat and shaped it to the right shape and welded them all together. He made the vase from a sheet of copper he found in the 'materials yard'. This is pretty amazing for what he had to work with, but it came out absolutely beautiful and he was proud of the results. I didn't know I had such an artist for a son! Ginnifir loved them! I tried to get him to leave them here, but he wouldn't do it..

Monday, February 16, 2009

We Got Snow!

Guess what! It snowed! It hasn't snowed this much in many years and I have to say that we enjoyed it.... at least to look at. Schools were closed and the roads were pretty icy for awhile but I still went to work and didn't seem to have any cancellations because of snow. It looked so pretty until we let Doc outside, then the front yard looked like this:

I don't think he had ever seen snow before and he thought we had put it there just for him.

As I was leaving for work, Alan got into the spa. I was jealous that he got to enjoy the snow more than I did from work. The good part is that it's supposed to snow again! Although, the forcast is for snow tonight and, guess what... I have to work tomorrow. Dang...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Shayla Turned 9!

Last Thursday was Shayla's birthday. So... this weekend was the big birthday bash at the ClimbMax Rock Climbing Gym in Tempe. Everyone had a blast. Alan and I went down to Phoenix on Saturday with Damian's kids and on Sunday morning we all met at the Rock Gym. After everyone harnessed up and the belayers learned how to belay, the games began.

Alan and Elaine were first.. They raced up and made it look easy.

So then Damian and Kevin were up.
After that we all split up and helped the kids. Jocelynn, Jacob and Savannah each had a turn and decided they weren't that crazy about the whole process.
Jacob liked the swinging part better.
Savannah decided that the balancing rope was way more fun than climbing. Maybe we should put her in the circus!
Damian had been climbing before and was doing the hardest climbs after a little practice.

Shay was always game to give it a try, but most of the time she gave up about half way up.
With help and encouragement, she kept trying until she finally made it to the top!

Our littlest climber was Varity, Amanda's daughter. She is 2 years old and so cute in her harness.

Go Varity!!
Amanda was a great climber, too.

After everyone had their fill of climbing, we went into the party room and had some yummy
Birthday Cake and Shayla opened gifts.
Not a cake wreck! Thanks, Bashas.

Hmm.... Did she eat that whole cake???
After the climbing gym, we all went to NYPD Pizza and had some lunch. Alan looks a little guilty about having a whole pizza to himself, doesn't he?

It was a fun day and we even had time to see the Super Bowl after.