Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Quilts

I've posted 117 of my quilts on Flickr. Here is the address if you're interested!

New Tree

We're just full of projects! This summer while Landon was visiting, the boys put steps on the side of the house by the greenhouse. For years, there was just a rickety old board with steps on it to climb that little hill. More than one person fell on that 'ladder'. So, now we have beautiful steps there. A couple weeks ago Damian got a backhoe and dug out an area on the side of the steps for a tree and a little seating area. He planted the tree today and now I can see some real potential for the east side of the house.
It's a mimosa tree so eventually we will have a nice shady area. There will be pavers around the tree and block walls around the dug out walls... some nice flowers and bushes.. I'm lovin' it.

Office Remodel

We are remodeling the office! YAY! We haven't done much with the building in many years so it's about time some things change. So.. we're adding another massage room and we moved the front desk to the middle of the room. We also made the kids room smaller so we'd have a little more space in the waiting room since we made it so much narrower by moving the front desk. Alan built two small walls on the east side of the room as a divider for a little more privacy for the massage rooms. All the wall changes are done and the drywall and texturing is now finished. We are doing different lights in the ceiling (getting rid of those ugly flourescent lights) and the popcorn ceiling has been scraped. Electrical/lighting is next, then painting and flooring. I'm SOOOOO excited about the changes! It already looks better, doesn't it!