Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Office Makeover Progress

The office is coming along nicely. Most of the waiting room is finished. We still need to build drawers under the files for vitamin storage. Plus, we're going to put a big screen TV on the west wall for our Power Point lecture and build a cabinet for folding chairs for when we have DOZENS of patients coming to the lectures.

This is looking east toward the massage rooms. Behind the blue walls is a hallway where a water feature will be.

This is looking west toward the kids play room. The angled wall is where the TV will be with the magazine rack under it.

This is the hallway where the water feature will be. We plan on putting some big cactus plants in the spaces between the blue walls.

This is our awesome vinyl flooring. It looks so much like real wood that nobody can believe it's vinyl until they touch it. Love it!

We still have to get some artwork for the blue walls and I plan on hanging a quilt or two around, too. With the new lighting the room seems very warm and cozy, and Alan and I recovered the chairs, too. I also ordered some wooden blinds for all of the front windows. They should be here next week. It's coming along!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I suppose it's about time I catch up on my blog posts. We have been very busy around here with the holidays and the office remodel, we haven't had time to do much that didn't HAVE to be done.

We truly had a wonderful Christmas with all my kids and grandkids here. Landon and Tracy flew in from Washington a week before Christmas and helped us get everything ready for the party (2 parties to be exact). They actually decorated the house which was a big help to me since all I had done by then is pull the boxes out of the closet and buy a big old tree.

On Christmas morning, Lain, Kevin and Shay came up from Phoenix and we had a pretty relaxed time of opening presents and enjoying the time. We didn't have to make a huge dinner for all the sisters and families because they didn't come until the next day. So we didn't even have a traditional Christmas dinner. Alan made lasagna!

Here are some pictures of our Christmas:

For Christmas, I got a hanging lamp for over the dining room table. I even got to unwrap it.

Isn't it beautiful??? I LOVE IT!!
The grandkids were VERY ready to start opening presents!
This is the quilt I made for Elaine. It isn't quilted yet.. I just ran out of time! If it looks familiar, I made one just like it for Landon and Tracy last Christmas. Lain liked it so much I had to make one for her, too.
Kevin and Elaine opening presents.
Landon and Tracy... I crocheted the scarf and hat for Tracy. She liked it alot.. :-) I also crocheted some slippers for her but that didn't turn out so well. That's another story...
Damian modeling his new hat.
Alan modeling his new hat. I guess this was the year of the hat. Just about everyone got one!
The day after Christmas my family came up from Phoenix and we had another big dinner and did a White Elephant exchange. It's always so much fun getting together with my family.